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services in personal injury, family law, criminal defense, business law, and estate planning.

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Services related to representing you for advocacy

Legal Consultation

Most of our international clients require consultation relating to Bhutan’s law. Nubyul Law has consistently and exceptionally provided its services. Our practice area herein extends beyond those which can be listed herein. In many of our engagements, our transactional lawyers have conducted legal research, drafted memorandum, legal opinions, and contracts, and conducted major due diligence. Our practice areas covered corporate law, commercial law, tax, consumer law, intellectual property rights, property law, real estate law, and contract law. Besides transactional law, we have also conducted legal research for our clients relating to immigration laws, laws relating to child safety, family law, procurement, and land acquisition.

Business Consultation

Some of our domestic and international clients have engaged us in helping them set up foreign direct investment which requires both legal and business knowledge. We continue to help our clients build successful business in Bhutan to further both the client our country’s interest.